Variant Management Software For Life Sciences


MasterControl offers the tools needed to digitize, document and manage all your product variations.

approach is time-consuming and error-prone. The variant management software included with the MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ solution can help. Handle multiple product recipes and product family variations with ease, and expand product lines without any hassle.

It is a challenge to manage multiple production records with many product variations and recipes. A manual approach is time-consuming. Mistakes happen too often. Digitize and gain control of master records. Easily manage product variations and substitutions.

With MasterControl, work is easier. Manufacturers only need to change the parent product recipe, then all relevant product variants are changed automatically. When all the product family variation data is added to a master record and validated, batches are executed and recorded accurately and efficiently.

Manually transferring product variation data from a spreadsheet to a master record increases the risk of data-entry errors. With MasterControl, these mistakes are caught. Data integrity checks happen automatically. This ensures information is accurate and complete. Everything is stored electronically so it is available for reporting.