White Paper

Use Predictive Analytics To Drive Field Service Excellence

How To Improve CRO Oversight With Data & Analytics

This report explores how organizations are using insights gleaned through predictive analytics to improve field service operations. We’ll highlight the business value companies observe by using this technology, and the activities needed to maximize ROI.

Predicting the Benefits of Predictive Analytics

An explosion of new technologies is changing how service organizations operate. Increasing adoption and use of connected devices provide service leaders with insights such as product utilization and service needs. Coupled with predictive analytics, companies can use these insights to become more proactive in service delivery — a necessity to excel in today’s marketplace.

Data from Aberdeen’s February 2017 CEM Executive's Agenda 2017: Data-Driven Approach to Delight Customers study shows that 28% of businesses currently use predictive analytics to support their service activities. However, adoption across Best-in-Class firms reaches 86%. Given that fact, it’s not surprising that 37% of companies without predictive analytics consider investing in this technology.