Uni-Mill M05-U: Cone Mill For Isolator

Uni-Mill M05-U: Cone Mill For Isolator

The Uni-Mill M05-U is suitable for mounting inside an isolator. The “through the wall” design enables the milling head to be contained within the isolator itself, while the motor and controls can be mounted externally. 

Milling inside an isolator helps keep the milling process contained, protecting the operator, environment and material itself during milling. This is particularly beneficial when processing potent ingredients.

The M05-U is suitable for capacities up to 200 kgs/hr, although this can vary depending on application specifics such as particle size and material type.

The unit comes supplied with one screen and one impeller, with a vast array of additional screens (different hole sizes and shapes) and impellers (round-bar or square-bar) available. For ease of configuration on site, the unit features a Tri-Clover on both the inlet and outlet. The M05-U is supplied with a 0.375kW motor, set to a standard speed of 3600RPM (variable speed available).

As with all models in the Uni-Mill ‘under-driven’ series, the M05-U screens and impellers do not require spacers to set the gap distance for optimal milling, allowing for fast tooling changeover (< 30 seconds).