News | November 9, 2023

Thin Scanning-Capable Xerox Network Scanners Ready For SaaS Market

Visioneer's thin scanning technology brings zero-software installation, centralized scanner management and enhanced security to document capture

Fremont, CA /PRWeb/ - Visioneer, Inc., leaders in document workflow & digital transformation solutions, is proud to announce the launch of thin scanning, a document capture technology that makes document scanning faster, easier, more secure and future-ready. Now available with its lineup of Xerox® brand standalone network scanners, the innovative thin scanning ecosystem – powered by TWAIN Direct – allows document scanning to live on the web and the web-based ("thin") applications of the modern workplace, making thin scanning technology the ideal entry point for software as a service (SaaS) vendors to incorporate scanning into a robust end-user solution.

By eliminating the requirement to download drivers or scanning applications to a local PC or client, thin scanning technology takes advantage of the security capabilities of the internet. Thin scanning-capable devices, including the Xerox D70n departmental scanner, Xerox N60w Pro touchscreen scanner and the Xerox W130 network production scanner, also have embedded security, image processing and connectivity directly to the cloud. All setup and user operations are done via the web, making the solution agnostic to various web browsers, operation systems and most any network infrastructure.

"We recognize our customers are constantly evolving, and keeping up with the speed of business can be a challenge," said Jim Tamo, President of Visioneer. "With thin scanning, we are meeting our customers where they do business today, while delivering a technology that will serve their needs in the future."

SaaS-ready software vendors have the opportunity to access thin scanning software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) through Visioneer's Global Partner Program, which includes access to evaluation hardware and technical services support. TWAIN Direct is a mobile-ready version of TWAIN's royalty-free open standard protocol that regulates communication between software applications and imaging devices. For more on TWAIN Direct, visit

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