News | December 12, 2019

Therap's Document Storage Tool To Store Individual And Agency-Specific Documents

Web-based Software Enables a Virtual Filing Cabinet System to Organizations Providing Services to People With Developmental Disabilities and Other Long-Term Services and Supports

Waterbury, CT /PRNewswire/ - Therap's electronic and developmental disability software includes a Document Storage module designed to enable storage and filing of documents agencies maintain, whether relating to an individual or agency-specific content. The Document Storage feature enables viewers to access documents or categories of documents pertaining to an individual or covering agency concerns from one convenient place.

Therap users with the appropriate administrative roles and privileges enabled are able to add and search for agency-specific documents stored within the Document Storage module. Using an option to conduct a unified search from a state or oversight account, documents linked to individuals with a common oversight ID are accessible across multiple providers, ensuring access for case managers, coordinators, or other files are accessible as intended. Agencies utilize the Document Storage module to capture documents including admission and eligibility forms, consultant reports, policies and procedures, safety protocols, evaluations and reviews, guidelines, or any number of documents the agency requires centralized access to.

Therap Document Storage allows custom categorization by the agency, and additional details including validity range, comments and description. Downloads and views of the document are documented for HIPAA compliance for individual records, and applicable to agency-specific documents for audits. Across the platform, Therap's tools provide a level of oversight, organization, and access to help agencies quickly identify concerns and maintain compliance with regulations, whether residential facilities, supported living, intermediate care, or community-based service programs. Therap strives to make daily communication and reporting between state agencies, staff, quality teams, and families become seamless.

About Therap
Therap's HIPAA compliant Developmental Disabilities software applications are widely used in Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) and other Intellectual and Developmental Disability provider settings for documentation, communication, and reporting. The web-based system provides person-centered planning and state organizations working with developmental disabilities. Therap's platform includes individual support features like incident reports, behavior tracking, case management, individual service plans and data collection, comprehensive health records, and more.

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