Article | November 6, 2018

The Need To Go Digital

Source: A2iA Corporation
Industry 4.0: Embracing Digital Transformation In Bioprocessing

Digital technologies are changing the face of business and administration as we know it. The constant evolution of the technology landscape and the widespread disruption that it causes means digital transformation is more relevant than ever. There is an ever-increasing pressure on businesses to remain competitive and meet customer expectations in the digital age, as well as for governments to enable transparency for its citizens. Most have already digitized at least some part of their workflows, be it through e-commerce, webmarketing efforts or the automation of repetitive tasks.

However, an area of digital transformation that remains largely under-exploited in terms of delivering added-value is data recognition and document conversion. This is often because of an inability to competently address the complexity and diversity of different documents and their contents. For example, imagine extracting data from a handwritten, unstructured document captured via a mobile device and requiring real-time processing. Highly specialized software would be needed to tackle that kind of challenge – and that’s where A2iA can help.

Going Digital In Document-Driving Processes

Many businesses and governments are still heavily reliant on paper-based form-driven processes – just think of all the forms to be filled out when you open a new bank account or apply for a driver’s license. Certain departments such as accounts payable and human resources spend a lot of time manually processing documents, time which could otherwise be spent focusing on more strategic efforts. Going digital provides the opportunity to implement document capture and processing solutions that allow for your data to be captured from documents and then automatically transferred to the relevant workflow systems – quickly, and without manual interaction.

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