News | April 24, 2018

The Launch Of AtBot Brings To Life An Intelligent, Productive Conversational Interface To Microsoft Office 365 Users With No Code Required

AtBot is a Bot-as-a-Service platform that builds conversational UIs into your enterprise systems in minutes, not days. Together, AtBot and Office 365 provide the building blocks to quickly deliver increased productivity to your organization.

Manassas, VA (PRWEB) - A bot provides a central conversational entry point to automate tasks, understand information and simply help you work faster. Want an all-knowing, subject matter expert always available? Enlist an intelligent bot. Want to ask HR about vacation policy and get time off approved? Have a bot do it. Need to figure out why your computer is not working? Ask the bot. Tier-1 IT support becomes a thing of the past as trouble tickets become automated.

AtBot takes the mystery out of developing intelligent bots. Instead of weeks or months, you can develop and deploy a bot in just a couple of hours. AtBot makes it simple to incorporate AI into your everyday workloads.

Native integration with Microsoft Language Understanding provides for deep language understanding of users’ requests and questions. Microsoft QnA Maker’s powerful question-and-answer pairs keep your employees informed and help them kick off automated actions.

Need to be connected to variety of services? No problem: Microsoft Flow trains AtBot with hundreds of existing Microsoft and third-party connectors. Missing one? Build your own custom connector to the services you are using.

Whether collaborating in Teams, SharePoint or on the Web, AtBot is there to help you get the job done efficiently.

“We are excited about what AtBot brings to Microsoft Office 365 users: a conversational user experience in places where they are already collaborating, including Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint, without needing custom development. AtBot complements the Office 365 ecosystem and helps our mutual customers realize increased productivity,” said Mike Ammerlaan, director, Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp.

“It is a thrill to be able to introduce AtBot as a valuable asset to any Microsoft Office 365 environment. We’ve taken the best of Microsoft Flow and Microsoft AI and built an integrated platform that optimizes these tools for a conversational user experience in the workplace,” said Mick Herres co-CEO H3 Solutions

See how you can empower your organizations with AtBot, such as a bot for HR to answer questions and take action on your behalf. Learn more about AtBot below

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