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The Future Of Retail Is All About Personalized Experiences


When most supermarket chains were facing a downtrend of their annual sales revenue, Carrefour Taiwan bagged a 10% growth rate in annual sales revenue in 2016, and becoming Top 5 in the region on Carrefour’s global list. 

What’s the secret?  

The Carrefour Taiwan team is always thinking about customers: how do we improve service quality? How do we achieve zero-customer-complaints in each store? How do we help shoppers enjoy every moment in Carrefour Taiwan stores?

Carrefour Taiwan came to Advantech and told us, their priority in making each strategical decision is all about customers. Seeing the global retail industry is revolving, Carrefour Taiwan knew they had to go further and lead customers beyond traditional retailing. 

“The core is to deliver better service to our customers,” said Rami Baitiéh, the CEO of Carrefour Taiwan during his first visit to Advantech’s Linkou IoT campus.   

This is the starting point where we began to discuss with the Carrefour Taiwan team how to create real value for shoppers who shop in large supermarkets.

It is not a revolutionary idea, but with the integration of IoT and big data, we see the transformation of brick and mortar businesses from transactional to interactive, omnichannel experiences.

Partnering with Advantech and Intel, Carrefour Taiwan blazed a trail for other businesses to follow: IoT connectivity supporting the digital transformation and development of new immersive experiences for enhanced customer service.

Carrefour Taiwan’s priority—like most businesses—is their customers and employees. Seeing that the global retail industry was evolving rapidly, Carrefour Taiwan understood the need to implement innovative ideas beyond traditional retailing. They focused on three key areas: management optimization, customer satisfaction, and the shopping experience.

Optimize Staff Allocation & Operation Efficiency

To resolve this issue, we implemented UShop+ Store Traffic Analytics with eight 2D cameras at Carrefour Taiwan pilot stores. Advantech's Store Traffic Analytics solution enables retailers to evaluate sales potential and establish customer service and marketing strategies for maximizing profit.

The front camera counts all incoming shoppers to help identify peak and off-peak periods. The solution also integrates 2D and 3D video analysis technology with point-of-sale (POS) transaction data giving real-time sales conversion figures, average expenditures per customer, and transaction data during peak hours. Analysis of customer traffic data provides retailers with an in-depth knowledge of consumer shopping and purchasing behavior, as well as insights into sales performance during periods of high/low traffic for each store branch.

After implementation, store managers are able to use Advantech’s UShop+ Store Business Intelligence report to help optimize their staffing schedules. This maximizes operations and ensures that branch stores run efficiently.

Total Customer Satisfaction

Carrefour Taiwan had an inefficient system to survey customer satisfaction. With Advantech, they installed over 100 Customer Feedback Systems across their stores for feedback on checkout service. The small touchscreen system has a simple rating system which provides real-time visibility of service quality for every cashier at every store for management

The Shopping Experience

The SHopping Experience

In creating a better shopping experience and providing a more comfortable shopping environment, Carrefour Taiwan implemented Advantech’s Digital Signage Solution and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution.

With Advantech’s content broadcast system (UShop+ SignageCMS), any Carrefour Taiwan store manager can simultaneously manage the promotional content on dozens of digital signage systems.  The solution also supports cloud management, which enables users to distribute signage contents to up to 500 remote client devices. These features reduce the operating costs and enhance overall management and efficiency.

Multi Solution Integration

With concern for consumers’ health and safety, Carrefour Taiwan implemented air quality monitoring sensors inside stores: Advantech’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution. This platform displays essential metrics such as PM2.5, CO2, temperature, and humidity. This really shows the quality of Carrefour Taiwan’s produce and how fresh their fruits and vegetables really are. Managers can review the indoor air quality report and activate air circulation whenever the CO2 exceeds 800ppm. 

Advantech Retail Cloud Platform - UShop+

Working with Intel, Advantech created UShop+, an intelligent retail management platform that delivers business intelligence to any retailer. UShop+ is more than just a cloud platform; each web app is highly integrated with hardware to provide intelligent retail solutions for operations management and enhanced shopping experiences. The UShop+ cloud platform also provides an open RESTful API for multi-solution integration. You can optimize store management through SaaS services in a more efficient way.

Taking Supermarkets into the IoT Era

Carrefour Taiwan believes that exceptional shopping experiences and customer service are the foundation of a successful venture. Advantech and Intel deliver fully integrated hardware and software solutions with high stability and scalability, giving Carrefour Taiwan peace of mind with reliable and excellent service quality.

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