Case Study

The Eaton M-Max VFD Provides QuantumFlo With A Cost-Effective, Energy Efficient Solution

SS QuantumFlo

Innovative Variable Speed Booster Pump Solution Provides Significant Energy Savings
Achieving consistent water pressure is a challenge for geographical areas that have grown faster than the development of infrastructures to accommodate water demand and for businesses such as fast food restaurants and strip malls. Recognizing the residential and light commercial markets’ need for an energy saving booster pump solution to deliver reliable water pressure, QuantumFlo, DeBary, FL, used its variable speed pump expertise to develop a “pump in a box” solution that detects low flow conditions accurately and enables users to achieve significant energy savings.

Variable speed saves energy
Although constant speed pressure boosters are available, their inefficiency makes them a less than desirable option. With a constant speed drive, every time the system comes on at full speed, it runs for a time delay and then turns off. As a result, it is at full speed and full capacity the entire time it is running.

In contrast, the variable frequency drive (VFD) solution only runs for the specific capacity and energy required to meet the need at that instant.