Guest Column | February 2, 2012

The Document Capture Nirvana


By Jim Wanner CEO, KeyMark Inc.

Bad implementations, false positives, slow implementations - sound familiar? If you're familiar with the document capture industry you could say these are buzzwords that describe many early implementations. Fortunately the situation is taking a turn for the better.

Document capture is a dynamic industry that is on the cutting-edge of going mainstream. Hardware and software enhancements have created a nirvana that will benefit both customers and solution providers. Let's take a look at where we're heading with document capture.

OCR technology used to have the stigmatism of having a very high percentage of failed implementations and producing far too many false reads (identifying a character for another character). If you don't have the right people implementing the solution and you do not have a clean ability to deal with exception handling, you will still run into significant implementation problems even with the best technology.