Case Study

The BlueLine Rental Company Turnaround

By Kristen Wells, Zinc

Overcoming The Obstacles Of Food Safety Culture

BlueLine Rental is a coast-to-coast construction equipment rental company, committed to safe, fast, and reliable service. They are the 4th largest construction equipment rental company in North America, with 130 locations and 1800 employees.

The epitome of deskless, BlueLine’s workforce is made up of 330 salespeople who are out in front of customers, 200 inside sales people who run operations at the branches, and 1500 drivers and mechanics who spend their day servicing customers.

In Need of a Solution

When CEO, Asterios Satrazemis joined BlueLine Rental in Jan 2016, the business was losing hundreds of millions of dollars annually. In order to turn around the business, Asterios placed a huge emphasis on culture and communication — which led him to finding Zinc.

A big part of what BlueLine does is making sure communications are clear with both customers and employees, because the needs of customers are constantly changing. In order to do this, Asterios looked for a solution that would allow him to create an “active communication loop” with his employees and end the use of one-way emails and Jive postings that went unread.

In addition, Asterios knew his employees, whose day to day team communications are the lifeblood of the company, needed to have multiple ways to communicate with each other and ensure they could get an immediate answer when a customer needed it.

While searching for a solution, BlueLine tried a few vendors including Skype for Business, but found that these tools had extremely low adoption, leaving communication gaps across teams.

Changing the Trajectory with Zinc

From the beginning, Asterios aimed to create a culture of open communication so employees felt they had a voice. And most importantly, he wanted to find a platform that would make it easier for employees to conduct business.

"We worked really hard to find a platform that would make it easy for us to manage how we wanted to communicate with our employees, and we found Zinc," says Asterios.

After deploying Zinc across BlueLine Rental’s 1,800-strong workforce, Asterios was able to bring his mantra of “Always Be Connecting” to life, with all work-related communications going through Zinc. 

With a focus on culture and communication, and a commitment to a mobile-first strategy, the company is now thriving, becoming profitable in just 18 months. Even more, BlueLine Rental's TRI safety score, which needs to be 1 or below, went from over 3 down to 0.74 - making it one of safest companies in the industry.

"Empowering the employees to have a voice, and listening to what they have to say because they are in front of the customer every single day, has completely transformed the company."