Article | June 11, 2018

That Just Isn't Funny At All

Source: OPEX Corporation

I’ve been accused of telling Dad-jokes far too long to worry about turning back now.  As a matter of fact, it runs in the genes. I have vivid (sometimes horrifying) memories of my dad and grandfather letting the puns fly in the church pew & barber chair alike.  So, sorry kids. Blame Pops.

I popped in to the dentist unannounced last week to see the Doctor about a bad tooth.  He warned me I was in a pre-carious state, then sent me to see the hygienist. I personally think I got the brush-off.

Anyway, we all know how painful the dentist can be, especially if you practice Transcend Dental Medication.  However, we sometimes forget the pain that lingers long after those procedure(s) are over.  These pains are related to bridging the gap between what the dentist has charged for his services and what the insurance company intends to pay for.  You know the drill, pay up front and hope that your claim gets approved sometime this millennia.