Surface Characterization


Many surfaces come in contact with the pharmaceutical product during its lifecycle. Our analytical experts can conduct a deep characterization of the physical-chemical properties of the surfaces, to correctly evaluate the container performance and the feedback when in contact with the drug product. The container surface investigation provides essential information to corroborate the physico-chemical performance of the system.

Capabilities and testing

  • Surfaces Morphology Characterization and Imaging
  • Defects Investigation
  • Silicone Layer Characterization
  • Contamination Identification
  • Material Characterization

Analytical techniques:

  • FE-SEM-EDX: High-Resolution Imaging and Elemental Analysis,
  • RapID Layer Explorer/Bouncer: Silicone Layer Thickness and Distribution
  • ZebraSci FLEX: Silicone Coverage
  • FT-IR Spectrometer: Organic Compounds/Materials
  • FT-IR Microscope: Organic Compounds/Materials at Trace Level
  • Optical Microscopes (Light, Stereo and DIC Microscopy): Surface and Material Imaging
  • Contact angle measurements: wettability of the surfaces and materials