Supply Chain Visibility

Amber Road

Transporting goods internationally is more costly and complex than shipping them domestically. More parties are involved, lead times are longer, base transportation rates are higher and movements are subject to a host of assessorial charges that are difficult to decipher and calculate.

Such complexity makes it difficult to effectively route, rate and manage international transportation, let alone control transportation costs.

The Amber Road Solution

Amber Road’s Transportation Management solution provides a range of transportation management and logistics capabilities for importers, exporters and third party logistics providers. Beginning with contract and rate management, Amber Road translates shippers’ logistics service contracts into calculable business rules that are centrally stored and accessible across the organization. Within the context of these contracts, our solutions display available routes for a given date or other criteria for selection by the user. Once a suitable carrier and route is selected, the shipper can request a reservation for a selected vessel and voyage by sending a booking request and processing carrier responses directly through the system. Status events can be configured to show real-time shipment tracking information. Shippers can then make timely decisions around potential disruptions or delays.

Amber Road Transportation Management also streamlines the freight audit process and provides detailed reporting and performance monitoring. With this comprehensive solution you can secure preferred carriers at favorable costs, honor carrier commitments, improve on-time deliveries, and reduce expedited shipment costs.

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