Supply Chain Collaboration Software For Food Manufacturers

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As suppliers take on more responsibility in the creation of your products, a “one size fits all” approach to supplier integration is no longer viable. You must be able to digitally interact with all suppliers, even those who are geographically dispersed and outside your PLM environment.

Our tools and solutions provide a comprehensive approach to managing supplier interactions. They support multiple use cases such as design data exchange, direct materials sourcing and supplier program management.

In today’s consumer products industry, design and manufacturing sites are geographically dispersed and suppliers are more included in the value chain. Your suppliers must interact with all aspects of your business, including purchasing, engineering, compliance, quality, and manufacturing. Effective supply chain collaboration is essential for dealing with compressed product cycles and increased product complexity. It is also critical for increasing productivity and reducing the risk of recalls and non-compliance.

With our comprehensive approach to managing supplier interactions, you can coordinate processes and manage supplier information for companies that are both inside or outside your PLM environment. Supplier information can be managed in context with the product structure to provide holistic views of your product. This will enable early supplier involvement in product development and provide visibility into accurate supplier information across departments. You will make better decisions about purchased components and gain access to reliable supplier analytics.