News | May 2, 2017

Study Shows Monolithic ECM Suites Giving Way To Modern Content Services Platforms

New Technology Adoption Profile Study Underscores Need for Modern Approach to Enterprise Content Management As Pace of Business Accelerates

Naples, FL (Marketwired) - In a recent survey commissioned by ASG Technologies, Forrester Consulting today unveiled the increased need for modern approaches to enterprise content management (ECM) in today's fast-paced, hybrid IT environment. The results show that technology leaders are seeking tools and approaches that enable them to access, view and use any content regardless of location, while concurrently there is increased urgency and challenges surrounding how to protect both customer and enterprise data in the wake of mounting regulatory and compliance demands.

"The monolithic ECM suites that have been pervasive in enterprises for decades are giving way to modern -- often cloud-based -- content platforms," the Forrester study states. A new approach to content management, one that utilizes a content services architecture, can enable businesses to easily access and integrate content from any device, anywhere to help enterprises improve the way they access and manage content.

"Volumes of unstructured data stores are growing while users simultaneously desire and expect access to information wherever and whenever it is needed. To manage that, enterprises must implement flexible content services architectures that enable well-developed processes and procedures, no matter where information is stored," said Swamy Viswanathan, Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, ASG Technologies. "We believe this study clearly illustrates the ECM challenges facing today's enterprise and the strategies businesses are employing to adapt to the hybrid IT environment."

Specifically, the research revealed that standardizing on one ECM solution is not the reality for today's enterprise. 93 percent of companies are using multiple repositories to store content, with 31 percent using more than five systems to manage it. Over the past 24 months, 50 percent have seen the volume of unstructured data increase by greater than 10 percent, making it a significant struggle to keep up.

The commissioned custom Technology Adoption Profile titled, "Today's Content Management Demands a Modern Approach," and conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ASG Technologies, yielded the following findings:

  • Enterprises are coping with increasingly large volumes of unstructured data in the form of business content…and rich media.
  • The top enterprise content management challenges consist of regulatory and security requirements, demand for mobile accessibility and the limitations of legacy systems
  • Enterprises are investing in numerous systems to manage content, some using more than five applications at one time, resulting in a complex architecture with overlapping platforms

With the next two years poised to be the transition period for enterprise content management to embrace cloud deployments, companies will increasingly implement a new hybrid approach that enables enterprises to leverage legacy applications while simultaneously delivering the seamless access to content that employees need in today's fast-paced business environment. For information on ASG's Mobius Content Services solutions, visit

To access the full study, download a copy of the ASG Technology Adoption Profile here.

Live Webinar

AIIM will be hosting a live webinar, "Today's Enterprise Content Demands a Modern Approach" on Wednesday, May 17th, at 2-3 pm EDT. Guest speaker Cheryl McKinnon, principal analyst for Forrester Research, will discuss the survey's findings and what they mean in more detail. Register here.

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