Streamline The Path From Discovery To Cure: Cell Therapy Solutions

Streamline The Path From Discovery To Cure: Cell Therapy Solutions

Regardless of where you are in your cell therapy development, here are solutions to help you achieve your cell therapy goals—all the way through to commercialization.

Cell therapy discovery can be a lengthy process, but it holds extraordinary promise. We have an extensive portfolio of cell culture, cell engineering, and characterization solutions to aid in your discovery process.

  • Cell culture—xeno-free and animal origin–free media and reagents to support cost-effective research, with complementary Gibco™ CTS™ products to help you maximize the potential of your research by supporting a smooth transition to the clinic. Thermo Scientific™ CO2 incubators, biosafety cabinets, and filtration devices are designed to help avoid contamination. Additionally, a broad range of equipment and consumables are available to maximize workflow efficiency.
  • Cell engineering—complete cell engineering solutions to meet your cell delivery needs, including vector construction, production, and purification, as well as vector delivery, electroporation, and gene editing tools.
  • Broad characterization portfolio—equipment, tools, and reagents for cell counting, whole cell analysis, protein analysis, and genetic analysis, along with safety testing including screening for endotoxin and mycoplasmas.

Advancing your cell therapy product from research to clinical applications requires careful material selection and thoughtful process development. Our solutions can help you translate your therapy to the clinic.

  • Gibco CTS media and reagents—extensive selection of GMP-grade media and reagents designed for cell therapy research applications, including serum-free media (SFM), serum replacement, growth factors, wash buffers, and cryopreservation solutions that are manufactured with methods and controls that conform with cGMP for medical devices, 21 CFR Part 820 of the regulation, in an FDA-registered manufacturing site with an ISO 13485– certified quality management system.
  • Custom media and process development services— Gibco media formulations available in the packaging and formats that meet your unique needs.
  • Clinical trial support—experience, resources, and global expertise and infrastructure from Fisher BioServices, the leading provider to the cell and gene therapy community.

As you move toward commercialization, our solutions can scale with you to meet the clinical need.

  • Scale-up and scale-out solutions—proven, robust, and scalable solutions that span the entire cell therapy development process, from cGMP-compliant custom media to bioreactors, cultureware, and cell culture bags, for a complete cell expansion solution.
  • Analytical solutions—state-of-the-art cellular analysis tools for your in-process and lot-release testing needs, including microbial detection and identification, impurity testing, and cellular analysis tools.
  • Global cryogenic logistics services—expertise and a global infrastructure to seamlessly collect patient cells, safely transport them to manufacture, then back to the patient’s bedside. Get comprehensive vein-to-vein supply chain management and benefit from cGMP-compliant kit production, global biobanking capabilities, and cryogenic distribution for total peace of mind.

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