10 pW – 300mW Standard Photodiode Sensors


Ophir Photonics offers a series of wide spectral range photodiode laser measurement sensors for power ranges from 200 to 1800 nm within the UV and IR spectral ranges. Available models include the PD300-UV/IR without a filter for lowest powers from 200 to 1100 nm, the PD300-UV/IR with an installed filter for powers from 700 – 1800 nm, and the PD300-IRG for telecom wavelength fiber and free space measurements.

These standard photodiode sensors feature a very large dynamic range, a swivel mount for hard to measure places, and options with fiber optic adapters. They also cover power ranges from 10 pW to 300 mW.

For more in-depth information on the available models of these standard photodiode sensors, download the available datasheet.