Stackable, Highly Compact, Universal Linear Stage: L-836


The L-836 linear stage series with precision ball screw is suited for industrial applications that require high performance in compact design. High-performance is achieved by high resolution stepper motors, high precision cross roller bearings, and precision linear encoders. The optional foldback allows the motor to run along side the stage reducing overall footprint of the system.

The L-836 offers unique options in order to select the appropriate stage for high resolution, high repeatability, high speed with small footprint requirements.

Additional Key Features Include:

  • Width 60 mm, low profile
  • Travel ranges from 25 to 200 mm, load capacity to 150 N
  • Precision ball screw and recirculating ball bearing guides
  • Stepper motor, optionally with folded drivetrain for an even more compact design
  • Optional with linear encoder
  • Models with holding brake for vertical mounting

For more information on this product, download the available datasheet.