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Driving down costs to remain competitive can be a tough challenge for transportation companies, especially in the face of increased fuel and insurance costs. At the same time, customer expectations are rising.

For example, just-in-time inventory requirements make it necessary for companies transporting materials from origin to final destination to meet tighter delivery schedules and provide real-time status updates. It’s equally important for those companies to be able to locate anything from entire containers to single parcels in a matter of minutes.

On the passenger side, travel and tourism continue to be hurt by an uncertain economy. Lower-priced competition in the airline sector is cutting into revenues, while local public transportation systems are constantly looking for ways to balance their budgets without raising fares to unacceptable
levels. In addition, regulatory compliance and documentation have become more challenging, time-consuming and expensive.

Leaders in the transportation industry are turning to information technology (IT) and reengineering business processes as a way of reducing costs, retaining customers and adding value to what might otherwise be perceived as commodity services. The challenge becomes how to provide high-speed access to new IT resources virtually anywhere, anytime in an industry whose employees and assets are mobile by definition.

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