SP VirTis AdVantage Pro Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

SP Product 2

The digital revolution is here, so time for your freeze dryer to join it! The SP VirTis AdVantage Pro combines a small footprint with large capabilities and the latest in digital technology.

An innovative Intellitronics™ Controller offers you the benefits of the internet, with cycle monitoring possible on any device that can receive email - all in a benchtop unit!

  • Intuitive - Intellitronics™ controller with a full-color, touch-screen display for enhanced functionality
  • Easy and safe set-up - one touch start-up and shut down
  • Cleanroom options - select from three configurations to suit your needs
  • Compact, ergonomic design - save space

From benchtop lyophilizers right through to clinical and production freeze dryers, we can deliver the most technically innovative SP VirTis equipment to meet your application demands. A wide variety of configurations – from space-saving designs to shelf sizes – are available so you’ll always find the lyophilizer that matches your unique needs.

With a global reputation for providing high quality and technically innovative products, SP VirTis and SP Hull are amongst the most well recognized freeze-drying and lyophilization brands today. We’re focused on understanding the freeze-drying needs of researchers everywhere and dedicated to providing top-quality equipment with superior application and technical support to enable you to lyophilize with confidence.

Our trusted, freeze-drying solutions are designed to meet the increasing demands of R&D facilities in industry and academia with a comprehensive equipment range. From compact benchtop equipment suitable for smaller research laboratories to larger, pilot freeze dryers for development facilities, with SP’s unrivalled expertise you can be certain that you’re buying the most suitable unit for your exact needs. All of our laboratory freeze dryers comply with international standards, and we’re committed to quality with rigorous quality control processes before dispatch. Our customer-oriented team is here to help you - from making the right choice to unrivalled after-sales service and support.