Solid-State High Power Amplifier: AMP2107ADB-2


Exodus introduces the AMP2107ADB-2, a solid-state, high power amplifier. This amplifier is best suited for communications testing, EMI-Lab, and EW applications. 

The AMP2107ADB-2 features a class A/AB linear design for all modulations & industry standards, covering 27.0 – 29.0GHz at various power levels from 10-40W. In addition to excellent gain flatness, this amplifier provides optional monitoring parameters for Forward/Reflected power, voltage/current and temperature sensing, providing application reliability and ruggedness.

Additional Features Include:

  • Rack mounted system
  • Class AB linear GaN design
  • Dual-Band, 2-Inputs, 2-Outputs
  • Designed for broadband EMI/RFI, Lab, Communication applications
  • Suitable for all single channel modulation standards
  • Built-in protection circuits
  • High reliability and ruggedness

For additional information on the AMP2107ADB-2, download the data sheet.