Single-Use pH Sensors For Bioprocessing Applications: 550pH

550pH Single-Use Sensor

Rosemount 550pH sensor is designed to provide high measurement stability for single-use bioprocessing applications. The sensor stability of <0.005 pH change per day enables users to do a one-point calibration at the start of the batch and operate for 30-days without any required maintenance or recalibration. The unique capability of being stored wet significantly increases shelf life to two years and allows immediate verification and calibration eliminating the initial stabilization process.


  • High measurement stability which leads to fewer one-point sensor standardizations
  • Shelf life up to two years from manufacturing date
  • Sensor begins measurement immediately, with no stabilization time needed to wet glass for a measurement
  • Ensure sensor functionality prior to filling the bioreactor with a true, one point standardization against a calibrated traceable storage solution.
  • Sensor installs into 1 inch barb fittings on the single-use bioreactors
  • USP Class VI, ISO 10093, and ADI-free compliant wetted materials
  • Material selection based on lowest achievable extractables profiles (Extractables report done per BPOG guidelines available in July 2019 on Emerson online store: More information to come)