Single Use Containment Systems For Biopharmaceutical Powders


ILC Dover is 100% focused on containing your process to get your product to market fast, safe, and pure. Our single-use containment solutions leverage our patented and industry-leading ArmorFlex® films to deliver extreme durability for a lower cost.

Using single-use technologies to achieve continuous manufacturing has long been a goal of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers. At ILC Dover, we have focused on developing premier films for a wide array of powder handling and containment needs. As a result, our engineers developed ArmorFlex® Films, designed and proven to provide unmatched performance characteristics while increasing handling speed and safety. ArmorFlex® Films are regulatory friendly, slip-agent free, and custom-formulated to deliver superior elongation performance (nearly 500%) for ruggedness and high strength. As with most films, other components help produce the film and provide desired physical properties and performance characteristics. However, at ILC Dover, only components that meet the materials-of-contact test protocol requirements are used.


  • Large & Small Powder Applications
  • Media & Buffer Preparation
  • Powder Dispensing

ArmorFlex® Films are used with Flexible Enclosures, Flexible Isolators, DoverPac®, DoverPac® SF, EZ BioPac®, Continuous Liners, & Dr