News | January 22, 2019

Senior Care Center Says Learn About Senior Care Now

Senior Care Center , a US-based senior care service, is happy to help seniors and their loved ones find assisted living facilities, nursing homes, Alzheimer's care facilities, and more. The company wants to let people know the importance of saving more money for senior care services such as these to help in their later years when their health is declining. They do this for customers in 50 states with their 400+ advisers.

The company has a whole list of senior care services which can be found at They also feature articles like 5 Things You May Not Know Your Senior Community Center Offers to educate seniors, their families, and caregivers on important aspects of planning for the golden years. Interested parties can find out about these senior care services by calling the company's spokesperson, Casey Ryeback, at (866) 518-0936. Ryeback says, "Indeed, there is a retirement crisis in the U.S. A study by the Census Bureau has noted that only a small percentage of employees contribute to their retirement plans and they fail to budget for typical expenses they will incur during their senior years.” The company makes it easy to choose senior care facilities. An adviser does a one-on-one consultation to address all of the customer's questions and concerns. The adviser will listen to each concern, consider the unique needs of the family member, and get a clear picture of the situation. Then the adviser matches the senior with the perfect home.

In a company press release from Press Advantage Ryeback says, “Costs can vary not only with location but also with the level of care that a given facility provides. Our advisers are available to answer any questions and concerns about financial planning.” The National Institute on Aging, or NIA, says many older adults and caregivers worry about the cost of medical care because these expenses can use up a significant part of monthly income. Senior Care Center advises that, due to the cost, it’s good to start planning ahead for when you need living arrangements such as assisted living. They point out that the annual average cost of assisted living can be expensive as shown in states such as Delaware where they are $72,180 and New Jersey where such costs can total $69,732.

There are many reasons to seek senior care. One of the most common causes of decline among the elderly is lack of mobility, according to Senior Care Center, on the adventures of Frugal Mom's Website. The NIA says that people can plan for their future healthcare needs by investigating a variety of financing sources. These can be personal funds, which at first, many older adults use to pay for care. Government and state programs can also help with costs. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services offers several programs which can vary from state to state. Medicare, a federal program, pays some medical costs for people age 65 and older. Medicaid, a combined federal and state program, helps pay for medical care and some types of long-term care for low-income people and families. The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, a Medicare program that provides care and services to people who otherwise would need care in a nursing home, is available in some states.

Another option is private financing such as long-term care insurance which covers many types of long-term care and benefits, reverse mortgages that let homeowners convert part of their ownership value into cash, and certain life insurance policies that can help pay for long-term care. Annuity contracts with insurance companies, which help pay for long-term care services, are another source of private financing that people can look at. "Finding a long term residential home for a loved one can be frustrating, confusing and often heartbreaking," says Ryeback.

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Source: Senior Care Center