Case Study

SENA Incorporates Participant Payment Automation To Improve Clinical Trial Operations


Southeastern Nephrology Associates (SENA) have been providing high quality nephrology, kidney dialysis, kidney transplant and hypertension care for patients since 1975. As part of their services, SENA conducts clinical research, led by a team of experienced investigators and certified clinical research coordinators. The practice’s long-term success is due to their commitment to high quality patient care and a focus on continuously building upon and enhancing the services provided. In reviewing their clinical trial processes, one area in which SENA recognized a need for improvement was their participant payment method.

SENA’s process for paying study participants was extremely manual and time-consuming, consisting of checks being cut out of the main office, requiring sign-off from the Medical Director – a process that could take up to two weeks to complete.

Additionally, payment tracking was split between two separate departments, resulting in increased complexity and probability of error. “We didn’t have accountability,” added Randall S. Griffith, Clinical Research Coordinator at SENA. This left SENA’s Sponsor with concerns regarding the flow of funds and tracking accuracy.

With 10 new participants being enrolled each month and two to three payments per participant per month, SENA realized this payment method was not sustainable. The existing workflow was draining time and resources, ultimately impacting the research.

ClinCard Delivers Efficiency, Control and Security
SENA began the search for a solution that would streamline their participant payment process and enhance financial tracking for added efficiency and control to support a better trial experience. While exploring and comparing payment solutions, multiple internal sources recounted their positive past experiences utilizing Greenphire’s ClinCard solution and recommended this as a viable option for participant payment automation.

Upon reaching out to Greenphire, interest in ClinCard was immediately sparked as the team was impressed with Greenphire’s ability to understand and dissect the inefficiencies and provide a unique solution to address their pain points. One key advantage SENA noted was ClinCard’s comprehensive reporting suite, allowing for the detailed and automated tracking they needed. After speaking with the Greenphire staff and gaining a complete understanding of the offering, SENA felt confident that the ClinCard solution would be the right fit for their specific study needs.

As for the implementation, SENA indicated that Greenphire facilitated a speedy and seamless transition to the ClinCard solution and were up and running within a week of contract execution - Randall noted that there was “no learning curve.”

Positioned for Future Research Success
Since implementing ClinCard, SENA has experienced a significant improvement in process efficiencies by eliminating manual work related to cutting (and at times cancelling), approving, and mailing checks. ClinCard has simplified payment tracking with increased visibility as coordinators from various locations can access a single system to execute payments, setup new participants, add users, review payment status, etc. The streamlined workflow has given site staff time back to focus on patient care and other research related tasks, while improving the participant experience. SENA’s participants of all ages have embraced ClinCard, enjoying the ability to receive payment instantaneously via the reloadable debit card.

The robust reporting available within the ClinCard portal has been a major benefit, enhancing financial transparency and control while providing SENA and its Sponsor with peace of mind by eliminating the issue of fund flow ambiguity.

ClinCard’s process improvements have positioned SENA for future research success with the expectation of tripling their ClinCard payments. Moving forward, SENA plans to implement ClinCard into three more studies this month with the intent to add two to three new users and expand upon their offering by utilizing customized ClinCards.

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