News | October 12, 2017

Secure Information Management Firm Pioneers Seamless Cloud Solution

Powering Smarter Information Management

Atlanta, GA /PRNewswire/ - ARKIVE, the secure information management company created from the divestiture of Iron Mountain and Recall today announced it would be offering MyKloud, a game-changing, cloud-based information system that will transform the way businesses store and retrieve information. MyKloud makes it easy and affordable to migrate, store and manage digital information in a single, fully integrated platform, increasing control and security.

"We wanted to take the best components of a robust enterprise solution, allow flexibility in the design, and offer it at a price point that would be attractive to our small and medium enterprise clients, said CEO of ARKIVE, Justin Ririe. Since ARKIVE built the MyKloud infrastructure, we can customize multiple components, workflows and integrate it to applications such as Outlook and SharePoint. Now our clients can take large amounts of information with limited or no searchability, add metadata, security controls, and workflow processes that can be applied to any industry, company or department down to an individual user."

ARKIVE began working on MyKloud late last year when clients indicated their frustrations with their current digital systems. These systems either offered "out of the box" workflows that didn't apply to their processes or expensive "add-on" modules that were too costly for small to mid-sized businesses. ARKIVE's seasoned executive team recognized an opportunity to revolutionize the information management industry. They assembled a team of experts including Six Sigma methodology experts to collaborate with clients and create a cost-effective solution.

David Gonce, Vice President of Sales added, "When you couple ARKIVE's MyKloud system with AIM (ARKIVE's Inventory Manager) where our clients access and control their physical inventory, you now have a unified secure information management solution. This ties physical information to digital information through a single portal MAP (My ARKIVE Portal). With MyKloud, our client's information is always in sync and always secure."

ARKIVE Information Management, LLC is a privately held corporation offering secure records information management (RIM) solutions to over 2100 business partners and clients in Atlanta, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. ARKIVE's services include ARKIVE Storage, ARKIVE Destruction, ARKIVE Data, and ARKIVE Digital Solutions. Visit for more information.

Source: ARKIVE

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