News | May 17, 2017

Seattle Document Scanning Company Makes GET-IT A Reality For City Of Tukwila

Seattle document scanning company Micro Com Systems scans and digitizes 1.2 million documents as part of initiative to consolidate historic development of city

Seattle, WA (Marketwired) - As a Seattle document scanning company, Micro Com Systems is on a mission to help companies and government agencies transition their office records to digital capture and storage. Recently, the company was chosen as the official vendor by the City of Tukwila to assist on an initiative known as GET-IT. For more, go to:

GET-IT, which stands for 'Government Electronic Transparency Initiative,' brings together information about Tukwila's development-from 1958 through to the present-by combining varied components and media formats into a complete, digitized database of permit and land use files. The purpose is to provide staff and members of the public with 24/7 access to these frequently requested records.

Micro Com Systems successfully digitized the majority of the drawings and microfilm that would later be imported into the Laserfiche document management system implemented by the City of Tukwila. Over 1.2 million images were captured and indexed, using the permit numbers to tie together related documents and drawings for easy access by staff and the public. Over the course of the job, the team at Micro Com Systems scanned aperture cards, 16mm and 35mm roll film, and drawings.

Christy O'Flaherty, City Clerk for the City of Tukwila, stated that "GET-IT is successful thanks to in-house technical and records expertise, along with continual multi-department collaboration, ensuring the components would be accurately integrated. No other agency has been identified that offers full permit documents, plans, and maps available online."

The team at Micro Com Systems are very proud to have successfully assisted the City of Tukwila on the GET-IT initiative, which is an excellent example of how large-scale projects are developed and implemented.

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SOURCE: MicroComSystems Ltd. Seattle