Scan-Optics Business Process Outsourcing Service

Scan-Optics has been designing, manufacturing and implementing imaging, data storage and retrieval products and solutions for more than thirty-five years. Through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Scan-Optics provides customers access to our high-speed imaging, recognition, data capture, and archive and retrieval solutions.

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Scan-Optics is a leader in applying technology to high-speed imaging, recognition, data capture and archive and retrieval solutions. The growth of the company's product line and the diversification of its services since its incorporation in 1968 reflects Scan-Optics' ability to respond with innovation and technical expertise to the rapidly changing business requirements of our customers.

BPO Service Definitions
Scan-Optics leverages our 35 years of experience and expertise in providing high-speed imaging, recognition, data capture, and archive and retrieval solutions to offer our customers a variety of customized outsourcing solutions.

  1. Outsourcing Services These are the applications that relate to the process of converting hard-copy paper to computer images through the following task-based processes:
    • Document Prep
    • Imaging
    • Data Capture/Correction
    Scan-Optics can provide all of the above services or any part thereof. Once converted from paper to electronic image, images can be easily viewed, indexed retrieved and transported in order to meet the individual business needs. Images can be transported using CD-ROM, optical storage or made available via the Internet. In addition, Scan-Optics offers logistics, document preparation, document extraction and data correction services. These services will be provided in a secure, ISO9001 certified, environmentally controlled facility.
  2. Document Conversion Services
    Document Conversion Services are typically back file conversion services which are offered on an as-needed basis.
  3. Business Continuation Services
    Until recently, disaster recovery planning focused on how to restore data centers in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. It has not addressed the need for continuation of key business processes. While these practices remain critical, those companies that rely on image processing as a central business activity will find business continuation even more challenging due to the extensive capital requirements. Scan-Optics offers the option to use our facility and/or inventory for the purpose of business continuation in the case of disaster.

All logistics services, document extraction, preparation and imaging will take place in a secure, ISO9001 Certified, environmentally controlled facility. Scan-Optics BPO Services allow the customer to realize the benefits of Scan-Optics technologies and expertise while minimizing their capital and operating expenditures.

Why Outsource to Scan-Optics?

Price – Scan-Optics will utilize proprietary hardware, software, professional services and hardware maintenance services, minimizing outside contractors and overhead to allow us to be a low-cost provider for leading edge services.
Expertise – Scan-Optics has 35 years experience providing end-to-end solutions in imaging and data capture that provide proven business results. And reduced operational costs.
References/reputation – Scan-Optics has built a quality reputation of providing leading edge solutions for thirty five years. During this time, hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies have trusted Scan-Optics to provide their imaging solutions.
Commitment to Quality – Scan-Optics operates in a quality-focused environment centered around ISO standards with demonstrated, measurable process and cost improvements.
Flexible contract terms – Utilizing common proprietary services and hardware shared among a number of customers will provide a solid value and reduction in expenses.
Additional value added capability – Scan-Optics continues to invest in software and hardware solutions that will allow the customer to take advantage of leading edge technologies and services.
Location – Scan-Optics is strategically located near major cities and trade routes. The area has the labor resources and the municipal and state infrastructure to handle the increased volume

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Download the complete BPO product brochure now.