White Paper

Saving Resources With An HTML5 Viewer

Source: Accusoft
HTML5 Viewer

Document collaboration has become a business norm in the 21st century. No matter what field you work in, whether it’s advertising, architecture, technology, or any other field, you have at some point collaborated on a document with your employees and there is a wide range of different file formats to sift through.

Many companies, over one-third to be exact, are still using email as their most common way to send, receive, sign, scan and edit documents (1). This kind of file sharing leads to serious mismanagement of documents and allows users who are unauthorized to edit or alter a document, the ability to change what they see fit. Employees and management can end up approving and signing something that should never have been created and finding the correct files could take hours.

Sharing files through email also creates the added costs of purchasing application seats for all user applications, installing these applications, troubleshooting them, and teaching employees how to use them properly.

This white paper examines the benefits of using an HTML5 viewer for document collaboration in terms of cost savings on software application seats, savings on training and troubleshooting software, and issues involving who can edit and alter a document.

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