Case Study

Sarasota Memorial Brings Physicians, Nurses And Administrators Together With Communication Solution

Sarasota Memorial

Voalte Me™ extends the capabilities of Voalte One™ by connecting caregivers inside and outside the hospital walls. In the hospital, they use hospital-owned shared devices, while those outside use personal smartphones. At Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida, physicians, nursing managers and administrators are relying on Voalte Me to send and receive secure text messages about patient care, strategize on how to alleviate weekend crowding in the Emergency Department, and disseminate group messages to the staff. And they do all this from outside the hospital, using their own personal smartphones equipped with Voalte Me.

With nursing and support staff already using Voalte One, adding Voalte Me was as simple as downloading the app to authorized personal smartphones. With pin locks and passwords in place, physicians and others can use Voalte Me to connect to a central directory to search for colleagues by unit, specialty or name. They simply tap a name to start a secure text message, and receive confirmation after the message has been delivered. (Per The Joint Commission mandate, no patient orders are sent via Voalte Me.)