News | May 18, 2020

Saelig Introduces Versatile KeyWarrior Programmable USB Keyboard Controller Module

KeyWarrior28 simulates keystrokes for up to 64 keys with macros and mouse function;available as 3.3V QFN28 chip or DIL28 module, it controls up to 64 keys in an 8 x 8 matrix.

Saelig Company Inc. has introduced the KeyWarrior28, the smallest controller of the KeyWarrior family with a great deal of functionality that is more than just standard keyboard functions. The KeyWarrior28, available as 3.3V QFN28 chip or DIL28 module, controls up to 64 keys in an 8 x 8 matrix. Just a USB cable and the keys are connected to the module. The functionality of the keys is programmable via a USB-port and stored in internal FLASH memory. For instance, it can offer a key-operated mouse function, or media and application controls like Play, Pause, Mute, Start Browser, etc. Each individual key can be programmed with either a single key code, a key code plus a modifier (shift, ctrl, alt, gui), a macro, a mouse function, a media/application control, or a FN key. The two optional FN keys give the ability to switch to a second or third key layout. Like the modifier keys, FN keys can be programmed to act as ‘locking’ or ‘sticky’ (locking, but only for the next key). This allows mode switching, or single finger operation.

Each of the 19 macros can be programmed on to any of the keys. A maximum of 31 key codes can be in each macro. There are three different types of macros. A static macro acts as if all keys in the macro are pressed at the same time. Typing macros activate each code just momentarily. This allows repeating characters, special character use, and upper/lower case in the macro. Cell macros work like the text input on phones with numeric keypads. Pressing the key again removes the last character and replaces it with the next.

The KeyWarrior28 works with existing system drivers and does not require special software. Each unit has a unique serial number and a built-in counter to register the number of erase cycles.

KeyWarrior modules and ICs are designed by Code Mercenaries, a leading European supplier of industrial input devices and peripherals since 1998. They are available now from their USA distributor Saelig Company, Inc. For more information, visit

Source: Saelig Company Inc.