Case Study

Rugged Tablets Improve Customers Satisfaction For Freight Company With Electronic Proof Of Delivery

Proof Of Delivery

With the trend of the “Internet of things,” the logistics industry is facing a transformation from traditional paper-based to electronic processes for deliveries. To avoid human errors, out-of-sync of information, and low productivity, etc., freight companies are trying to leverage Proof of Delivery solutions to be more efficient and accurate at delivery. Not only are they helping drivers with the powerful tools, but they are also providing better customer service and improving the satisfaction.

About Proof of Delivery (PoD)

When it comes to PoD, it concerns accurate data, synchronized information, environmental protection, safe delivery, and improved efficiency. The Proof of Delivery solution eliminates paper-based processes and human failures so that consignment can be accurate and guaranteed. Each party, including customers, drivers, and administrators, will synchronously receive the shipping information and status via smartphones, intelligent terminals, or computers, so as to receive goods in time, report issues timely, and dispatch fleets precisely.

Working without paperwork means reducing time consumption and environmental harm, as well as streamlining work processes and enhancing corporate social responsibility. With an intelligent terminal, the driver can be more efficient. For instance, vehicle inspections, schedule and routing planning, police pull-over recordings, or load checks, can all be implemented efficiently through the device by the driver to achieve safe journeys and fast times to delivery.

AMobile IoT Tablet GT78 for PoD

Upon the request of this US LTL Freight customer, we provide the GT78, the IoT Tablet utilized for both of in-vehicle HMI with vehicle-mounted docking and portable rugged tablets with ergonomic designs to fit in one hand to meet drivers’ needs on the go. They are not only fully rugged form factors with an IP-65 rating and MIL-STD-810G compliance, but they also come with car chargers and field replaceable batteries with optimized battery life up to 8 hours.

Regarding data connectivity and device management, GT78 devices have built-in 1D/2D barcode scanners, RFID/NFC readers for system access control, GPS navigation, and a variety of sensors for multiple data collection. Besides, AMobile’s Node-Watch, a unified management platform, allows the customer to do cloud-manage all the remote devices. They have mentioned that AMobile solutions satisfied our consumers and us as well.