Risk Management


Risk Management is a data driven, proactive and comprehensive program that brings water assets to life through continual monitoring. This package includes three steps: continuous condition assessment, data analysis, and infrastructure management.

Our risk management services reduce the risk of damage to your assets by bringing transparency to the infrastructure buried underground. It gives us the ability to make intelligent decisions on infrastructure integrity and replacement in real time, increasing the longevity of your water assets and building the case for repairing and replacing problematic areas. Risk management also prevents environmental degradation through reducing water loss, making storm water run-off more manageable and saving your business money on water production costs by ensuring water reaches its intended destination.

Continuous Condition Assessment
The first step to minimize the risk of aging pipelines is to continuously monitor the day-to-day status of the water network. Matchpoint will deploy hand selected monitoring equipment to meet each clients specific situation, needs, and distribution system. The technology will highlight any abnormalities and generates real time data of the condition of your water network. This data then flows into our web based software, where it can be accessed and analyzed.

Data Analysis
We interpret the data provided during the condition assessment phase. Our software automatically predicts and warns of future events, giving our clients the ability to prevent them from happening in the first place. Our analytics team also assesses any anomalies in the data and decides if further investigation is needed.

Infrastructure Management
If additional assessment is needed, our crews are deployed to investigate the areas of concern highlighted in the condition assessment phase and realized in data analysis phase. This requires a skillful crew that can select the appropriate technology. We then generate a report on our findings, which is delivered to the client.