News | March 30, 2018

RFID Tech In The Palm Of Your Hands


The RP901 Handheld Reader: Lightweight, Work-Heavy

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is being used in more businesses and industries than ever before. From scanning ultra-high frequency (UHF) tags in large warehouses to checking inventory in retail stores, RFID is a more reliable and efficient way to scan. Unitech keeps ahead of the trend with the introduction of the compact RP901 RFID reader.

The Unitech RP901 takes your scanning to the next level with its lightweight casing and its slim, ergonomic design offers a comfortable hold. Boldly-colored housing provides aesthetics and it’s IP42 sealed to protect against environmental elements like water, dirt, and dust.

Paying itself back in performance and durability, the RP901 boasts 6,000 reads on a single charge while the high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery lasts a full shift and beyond. Transmitting data or batch uploading to your Bluetooth-enabled iOS, Android, and Windows devices makes the highly adaptable UHF reader stand out from the rest. A micro USB port charges the device quickly and multi-colored LEDs indicate various status updates like battery level, communication, and RFID collection syncing.

The pocket-friendly RP901 tackles fully stocked warehouses and storage facilities with ease by scanning multiple barcodes and RFID tags from up to three feet away. This is an especially helpful tool for import and export businesses that move large volumes of products. Since the RP901 can scan more than one tag at once, it eliminates common single scanning pitfalls like forgetting or missing a few items.

Stock room checking, inventory management, price checks, and ID verification, are this pocket reader’s specialty while it plays well in retail, warehouse, logistics, and health and medical environments.

The RP901 is currently available and priced at $ 1,015 MSRP. Contact your Unitech sales manager for details.

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Source: Unitech