White Paper

RFID: Riding The Wave

By now, if you have done any research on this topic, you have probably read countless papers, articles, press releases, etc. about the RFID compliance mandate driven by Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense (DoD). Not since Y2K have we seen this sort of hype surrounding a particular technology or business event.

Unfortunately, the pundits and solution providers have offered very little practical information to those companies facing this business critical mandate. Much can be found regarding the fundamentals of this technology, or "RFID 101", and what it means to be compliant. Understanding the basics of the technology and compliance is certainly a great place to start. However, neither the fundamentals nor what compliance is will actually help you address how you get there.

Capitalizing on more than seventeen years of RFID experience, and over twenty installations, HK Systems and Irista have the proven skill, depth of knowledge, and breadth of capabilities to assist organizations in their quest to leverage RFID technology. From pioneering applications in the automotive industry to delivering cross-industry integrated logistics management software, HK Systems and Irista can influence the adaptation of RFID technology to deliver practical, value driven solutions.

For additional information on HK Systems and Irista's RFID capabilities, please visit www.irista.com.

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