Rezatec helps businesses make critical decisions about their land-based assets through the analysis of increasingly sophisticated but complex Earth Observation (EO) imagery and data. Using proprietary algorithms and modelling, we drive profit and substantially reduce the cost of monitoring and predicting land use change and environmental risk. With subscription-based access to our Landscape Intelligence portal, our customers benefit from regularly updated analytical insights that simply aren't possible through traditional landscape data-based reports.

Every year, water pipeline leakage causes around a quarter of national water supplies to be lost impacting revenue, supply and customer satisfaction. The challenge water companies face is that pipeline stress can arise from a variety of sources including terrain movement, soil properties, vegetation and anthropogenic influences that are difficult to monitor and detect across large areas without significant ground based resources. To better manage revenue losses and maintenance costs, water companies need to find a more efficient way to predict and prevent pipeline leakage across their entire urban and rural network.