News | January 12, 2022

Reopening ‘Automation Center KUSATSU', A Site For Next-Generation Of Manufacturing Innovation

Providing Manufacturing Solution Verification that Combines Advanced Technologies including 5G, AI, IoT, and Robotics

OMRON Corporation announced today that it will reopen the AUTOMATION CENTER KUSATSU (ATC-KUSATSU) in Kusatsu, Shiga on January 12. OMRON has ATCs in 37 locations around the world, providing manufacturing companies with the world's highest level of automation technology and collaborating with them to develop solutions that solve their manufacturing issues. ATC-KUSATSU was established in 2011 as the world's first OMRON Automation Center. It has accelerated the automation of manufacturing sites with the latest FA technology and contributed to solving social issues including the labor shortage in the manufacturing industry.

By this reopening ATC-KUSATSU has made it possible to reproduce a real factory in a digital environment with the latest FA technology, making full use of digital technology. ATC-KUSATSU has been reborn as a facility that creates customer value through the demonstration of actual machines and the pre-simulation of solutions by digitally connecting to other ATCs. As a result, OMRON will realize and continue to evolve the future manufacturing of " innovative-Automation", which is OMRON's original concept of innovation in manufacturing sites, aiming to dramatically increase the productivity of manufacturing sites through the evolution of automation and realize high value-added manufacturing. ATC-KUSATSU is the only ATC of OMRON that owns technology development, product development and manufacturing functions in the same base. Using OMRON's innovative technologies and control applications that integrate more than 200,000 control devices, software and services, customers can verify solutions tailored to their problems and take the technical training required for the deployment of solutions. In addition, ATC-KUSATSU is also equipped with OMRON's largest "POC-KUSATSU", a laboratory which enables proof-of-concept experiments according to the customer's usage environment, including the carry-on verification of the customer's equipment and solving the issue of machine commissioning. POC-KUSATSU obtains a “Local 5G” radio station license at the end of last year, which enables proof-of-concept experiments that combine various robots such as collaborative robots and autonomous mobile robots together with cutting-edge technologies of 5G and AI.

OMRON aims to solve social issues and enrich the lives of people around the world by challenging the issues of manufacturing sites and innovating the manufacturing together with customers.

About The facilities
Address: 2-2-1 Nishi-Kusatsu, Kusatsu, Shiga
Floor area: 708m²

Key functions

  • Providing experience of real cases of factory automation in the DX cockpit (multi-display)
  • Demonstration and collaborative verification of layout-free production lines utilizing 5G
  • Experience of demo machines and technical exchanges that can contribute to solving customer’s issues
  • Application development to solve customer’s issues
  • Collaborative verification of solutions to solve customer’s issues
  • Providing technical training for on-site deployment of solutions

Arranging your visit (for corporate customers only)
Reservations are necessary to visit ATC-KUSATSU. Please contact your OMRON salesperson. If you do not have a contact within OMRON, please get in touch with our sales office near you from the list below.

About Automation Center (ATC)
As the hub of OMRON's proprietary FA technology, ATCs provide manufacturing innovations with access to world-leading automation technology, thus underpinning industrial development and advancement in countries across the globe. With the first ATC having been established in 2011, there are now 37 locations worldwide, assisting manufacturers in each geographical region to bring about technological innovation and enhance their competitive edge by offering a variety of technical know-how and solutions to production-related issues. ATCs now serve as the core storehouse of cutting-edge technologies, connecting OMRON's global development, production, and sales networks. By constantly sharing the latest technology, know-how, and information on technical standards that concern FA globally, ATCs facilitate the evolution of the manufacturing innovations in each region.

About innovative-Automation
Recently, OMRON has developed a manufacturing innovation concept, called "innovative-Automation" With this concept, OMRON is currently committed to bringing innovation to manufacturing sites through three key innovations, or three "i's." Through these innovations in the area of automation, OMRON aims to enable significant productivity improvements in manufacturing sites in order to achieve high-value-added manufacturing. With the first "i," "integrated" (control evolution), OMRON will seek to advance automated control technology so that virtually any operator, even inexperienced operators, can effortlessly perform work that previously required the expert skills of experienced workers. With the second "i," "intelligent" (development of intelligence by ICT), OMRON seeks to create constantly evolving equipment and production lines. By adopting a wide range of control devices and artificial intelligence (AI), machines can learn through experience and maintain themselves in optimal condition. For the third "i," "interactive" (new harmonization between people and machines), OMRON pursues the development of a new harmonious relationship between human operators and machines; as they work together in the same workspace, machines will be able to assist human operators by recognizing human thoughts and behavior in a way that only OMRON, a specialist control equipment manufacturer who knows production floors inside and out, can realize.

Source: OMRON Corporation