News | November 23, 2021

RateGain Launches Content.AI, An End-To-End AI Platform For Hotels That Enables Seamless Content Management

Barcelona / PRNewswire / - RateGain Travel Technologies Limited, a SaaS solutions provider for the travel and hospitality industry, today announced the launch of Content.AI, a self-service SaaS solution that powered by AI, helping hotels manage, optimize, improve and distribute content through demand partners to drive higher conversions.

Since the beginning of 2021, RateGain has been bringing AI-supported solutions to the market, which should help hotels gain more control over guest acquisition and increase sales. While the first half of 2021 focused on delivering solutions to help the industry produce more accurate forecasts in the absence of consistent historical data, RateGain is now focused on helping hotels improve conversions across all channels by Offer a consistent brand experience.

With the return of travel, potential guests are looking for online channels and hotels that can provide accurate information on room amenities, health and hygiene standards, and the overall experience. In the post-pandemic world, guests are more likely to provide extreme feedback if the stay does not meet their expectations, according to a recent study by McKinsey .

With Content.AI, hotels of all sizes receive a platform that helps them to solve the three-fold challenge of completeness, consistency and conversions. Hotels and hotel chains have previously struggled to maintain high quality content across all properties in one place, and the process required multiple teams managing content components while working with different demand partners - making it extremely difficult to compile, update, and manage the data.

This inconsistent content is updated manually in each demand partner's extranet, and the repetitive process leads to errors, as a result of which the information about the demand partners is incorrect, incomplete and inconsistent.

Content.AI solves all of these problems and improves the conversion rate

  • The expansion enables hotels to improve the level of content with a minimum of manual intervention and effort
  • Uses AI to prioritize which hotel content should be updated first to drive more conversions
  • Editing, enhancing, and tweaking images to give the potential guests the best experience
  • Automatic labeling of images for easy identification and categorization by inquiry partners to improve search engine optimization
  • One-click distribution to demand partners saves hours of work updating content

Hotels of all sizes now have complete control over the increase in the conversion rate by adding, optimizing and disseminating high-quality content via all demand partners as well as via RateGain's Martech offers (BCV and myhotelshop).

Bhanu Chopra , Founder of RateGain, commented on the launch: “Trust is the most important criterion for attracting guests in the new normal, and the consistent delivery of high quality content across all customer touchpoints is no longer an option, but a necessity for hotels to improve customer loyalty and conversions. For most of the past decade, content management has been an extremely time-consuming operational task that didn't involve conversions. However, as the share of digital bookings increases and the guest becomes more aware, hotels have to solve this problem quickly, and content. is the only end-to-end platform that enables this. "

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