R&D Pilot Plant Powder Pharmaceutical Mixer

RD Pilot

Mixing powder is a complex process and the final results will strongly depend on the material properties and the selected type of mixer.

It is therefore of upmost importance to validate the efficiency of the mixer and the proper process parameters for any new mixing operation. To meet this need for R&D and pilot purposes, the PTS Batchmixer® can be offered in a small format ranging from a few to 50 l. Depending on the level of automation required, the system can be supplied with various options:

  • CIP
  • Load cells
  • Sampling feature
  • Full PLC controlled
  • PAT
  • Mechanical hopper
  • Drying possibility

Dec can further support any process development program with its own testing facility for the scale up of the results to determine the best suited solution for production scale operation.

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