News | July 3, 2009

PSIGEN Releases FileBound Capture Lookup Provider -- New Release Provides Enhanced Integration


Irvine, CA--(Marketwire) - PSIGEN Software, Inc., the innovative leader in advanced capture solutions, today announced the release of its FileBound Lookup Provider (FLP). The FLP provides dynamic integration with FileBound Projects and Lists, allowing enhanced automation when scanning and capturing documents destined for Projects.

"Our Lookup Providers take us to the next level of integration with our Software Partners. These efforts will make the scanning and capture process even easier for the end user by eliminating the need to duplicate data entry," said Stephen Boals, VP of Sales for PSIGEN. "These feature sets usher in a new era of capture, with seamless integration between front-end and back-end systems."

The FileBound Lookup Provider is the second in a series of application specific integration providers that take capture to the next level in automation and integration. In June, PSIGEN released the Microsoft SharePoint Lookup Provider (SLP), which allows capture users to run lookups and choose from lists housed in SharePoint while indexing documents.

The FLP is a significant addition to an already robust FileBound feature set, and provides a simple intuitive configuration interface for looking up data housed in FileBound Lists and Project Databases.

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SOURCE: PSIGEN Software, Inc.