Today's Top Fulfillment Technology: CVP Automated Packaging Machine

ProShip CVP

By thinking “out-of-the-box,” ProShip, Inc. has developed an innovative “into-the-box” solution for automated package fulfillment.  The CVP Automated Packaging Solution is a unique in-line autopacker that optimizes all steps of package fulfillment by creating fit-to-size boxes for variable dimension single or multi-item orders.  The machine will size, construct, tape, weigh and label each custom order, creating the perfect package and eliminating the need for void filler materials.

The filling, packing and processing of high volumes of parcels can be extremely labor-intensive.  The CVP makes fulfillment faster, more reliable, and more efficient than ever in one seamless process.  Here is how:

PRODUCTIVITY & SHIPPING GAINS - The CVP has been engineered and proven to alleviate the labor-intensive packing process, saving users an average of 88% on their labor costs by automating the process.  In addition, the CVP will handle a diverse product mix and reduce the dimensions of each order by building the minimum-sized box required.  If shipping costs are DIM weight dependent, this innovative technology has an average of 45% shipping savings.

CORRUGATE & BOX INVENTORY SAVINGS - The CVP consumes only the minimum amount of corrugate when creating each box, saving users an average of 29% in corrugate material reduction.  In addition, the need for a long-term corrugate commodity contract is no longer necessary.  Multiple box size inventory is significantly reduced by utilizing one corrugate fan fold width, eliminating over dozens of box inventory SKUs.

INTEGRATION ADVANTAGES - The CVP integrates seamlessly with automated rate shopping shipping software and will print carrier-compliant labels that are applied to each box.  There are many additional customization options available, including an Automatic Document Feeding System to insert printed documents in each order, such as invoices, packing slips or return labels. 

As a valued partner, our support team makes a personal commitment to deliver the best customer experience in the industry.  ProShip has many assistance options that can be customized to your needs, including remote support, daily reporting, on-site services, parts support, product training, and software maintenance.  ProShip’s number one priority is to ensure our customers meet or exceed their production and service levels by providing direct customer support.

The CVP Automated Packaging Solution offers an immediate return on investment, reliability and end user satisfaction.  This machine continues to be a proven strategic tool for e-commerce, retail, 3PL and manufacturing companies world-wide.  ProShip is beyond the box, your business should be too.