Production Management Software For F & B Professionals


Increase efficiency, reduce information errors and eliminate paperwork while gaining access to what’s currently happening in your factory with Ross Production Manager. RPM is device independent – available for any tablet or computer with a browser.

Instead of your production operators and supervisors leaving the production floor to find a computer, they can now take Ross Process Manufacturing with them on a tablet. As supervisors go from one area to the next they can keep in touch with what’s happening across the factory. Production management can view the status and performance of all jobs on a mobile device from anywhere they have network access.

RPM provides: 

  • Role-based access for production operators and supervisors that quickly provides all the information they need in their daily work assignments. 
  • A new user experience for the production operator and supervisor, offering an efficient view of production information and real-time recording of factory floor activities. 
  • The ability to reduce or eliminate paperwork in the factory. Job schedules are automatically displayed eliminating the need to distribute paper schedules to each work center. Information about each job including the recipe, yields, inspection requirements and allergens can be quickly accessed eliminating the need to print job packets. 
  • Current production status and the ability to record activities as they occur. This eliminates the need to manually write down information and enter it in the system later. 
  • Access for supervisors to check the status of every job in the schedule from anywhere to determine the amount of materials used, how much time has been spent against planned hours and how much has been produced. 
  • Access to Ross Process Manufacturing on your device of choice with a browser, computer or tablet across the iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms.