Case Study

Processing H1N1 Flu Vaccine Forms

Source: A2iA Corporation

Millions of H1N1 swine flu vaccines became available during the Fall of 2009, and while many contemplated whether or not to get the vaccine, government health officials had a different issue on their hands -- what to do with the millions of pages of healthcare forms that piled up once the shot became available. These consent forms were to be completed by each patient, by hand, prior to receiving the shot.

In response to this logistical nightmare, Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI), a provider of services and solutions for large-scale document management, imaging, and archiving, launched its H1N1 Flu Vaccine Forms Processing Service. The service utilized A2iA FieldReader™ , a proprietary toolkit that captures handwritten- and machine-printed information from documents and forms. These comprehensive approaches helped states, cities, counties, and providers in the private sector successfully and accurately capture and record essential demographic and health data from medical consent forms.

By converting thousands of handwritten forms in both English and Spanish into searchable and accessible digital electronic files for use by state health officials, this integrated solution minimized data entry and provided a high level of accuracy of the information captured from the documents.

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