Process Development: Mammalian, Bacteria And Yeast Based Success


At AGC Biologics, we have developed over 200 mammalian, bacteria and yeast-based processes, giving us the insight necessary to identify and optimize process parameters that are critical for achieving a high-quality, cost-effective manufacturing process.

Developing an efficient, scalable, validated and cost-effective manufacturing process is essential for success in today’s competitive biologics markets. Whether you need assistance developing a de novo process, improving existing processes, or preparing to manufacture your product, you will benefit from our expertise.


Our scientists apply decades of expertise ensuring the most effective processes for manufacturing your molecule at pilot, clinical and commercial scale. Our broad knowledge of cGMP manufacturing enables us to successfully transfer existing processes into our facility or develop a new, innovative process when needed to meet your program objectives. We have amassed the skills and resources to develop late-stage processes that utilize innovative production techniques, resulting in maximum scalability and efficient process transferability.

This expertise, combined with single-use and high throughput technologies, allows for rapid development and streamlined transfer, helping to accelerate your product development and commercialization timelines.

For additional information on analytical capabilities and the solutions we offer our clients, please review our fact sheet.