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Prime HealthCare Group Benefits From Computhink's Contentverse ECM

Lombard, IL /PRNewswire/ - Prime HealthCare Group is one of the United Arab Emirates' leading healthcare service providers. Its team of over 350 physicians and 1100 supporting quality professionals provide state-of-the-art medical care to the UAE's citizens. The group consists of Prime Hospital, Prime Medical Centers, Premier Diagnostics & medical Center, MediPrime Pharmacies, PrimeCorp Medical Center, and Prime Home Care. Winner of the Annual Health Awards 2018 as "Distinguished Hospitals" & "Distinguished Medical Centers" in the UAE, they looked to enhance their internal operations with even greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Healthcare facilities are required to maintain patient medical records, and other health information for medical purposes, for five years from the date of last treatment. The health record is a legal document that accurately outlines the total needs, care, and management of patients. It facilitates communication and decision-making and protects the legal interests of the patient, healthcare professionals, and health facility. The supporting operations that enable the provision of these services are equally important. They necessitate the same level of document and processing accountability and proficiency.

Although Prime HealthCare had an in-house Patient Records Management and Hospital Information System, they were looking for a comprehensive solution that would enable them to:

  • Address their Medical Equipment approval processes which were long, complex, manual and tedious. Originating from multiple locations, physical documents were transported and then routed to the head office for approval.
  • As part of the Approval process, they needed to resolve the ability of staff to approve business processes while out of office.
  • Scan, upload, and store automatically many documents types, especially Patient Records.
  • Facilitate data extraction and information exchange with their existing in-house Patient Records Management and Hospital Information Systems.
  • Re-task the Six members of staff dedicated to manually scanning and uploading consent forms.
  • Support the automatic import of over 1000 documents per day and as many workflow processes.

Implemented Departments - Contentverse has been implemented in the Accounts, Logistics, IT, Facility, Biomedical, and Nursing departments.

Why Contentverse?

Prime Hospital chose Contentverse solutions based on the following criteria:

  • Excellent security and data integrity
  • Powerful, highly accurate automatic batch processing of documents, including scanning, data extraction, and auto-filling.
  • Easy integration with Prime's Patient Records Management and Hospital Information Systems
  • Easy workflow designer and efficient processing
  • Secure and controlled availability anywhere, anytime, via online/mobile access
  • The ability of the local partner to quickly and easily provide an onsite demonstration of the solution, including integration.
  • Reliable and highly professional local customer service and support by reseller Cube Innovators Technologies LLC, who has expertise and experience in this vertical, and were able to help Prime HealthCare implementation best practices.

Benefitting from Contentverse
Complementing Prime HealthCare's existing adherence to Medical compliance and their ISO Certification Contentverse was able to significantly enhance Document and Patient Records handling and security procedures.

Contentverse EasyIndex module enabled them to bulk scan the Goods Receipt Note documents and Patient Records applying Barcode and OCR recognition to auto-fill some metadata values, while executing data lookup and retrieval, from their HIS system, to auto-populate others. This negated the need for manual data entry, eliminating related risks. Patient records processed via EasyIndex were provided in XML file format as needed.

The intelligent workflow has improved the medical equipment approval processes. This reduced paper consumption, eliminating transportation costs and delays associated with staff access for approval.

With significant improvements in productivity cost savings, Prime HealthCare experienced a return on investment in weeks. They can easily process their current input requirement and have ample capacity for transaction growth. Contentverse greatly improved business processing, productivity, and efficiency – especially regarding medical purchases approval and Patient Records processing.

Source: Computhink, Inc.

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