0.5% Precision Pulse Power Sensor: Model 7037

7037-series_pulse -power-sensors

The model 7037 from Bird is a precision pulse power sensor is 13.56 MHz sensor with an RF power accuracy of 0.5% maintained across its dynamic range. With its time domain analysis feature, or calibrated view of the RF pulse waveform, this power sensor enables a detailed characterization of high-power pulses and is ideally suited to calibrate RF generators that are essential to semiconductor fabrication.

The 7037 pulse power sensor features a logging capability supported by the sensor's virtual power meter which enables the analysis of RF power data for system fingerprinting and a more streamlined process development. Additional features include time domain analysis, multi-level pulse measurement, and NIST-traceable calibration capabilities.

For more information on the 0.5% precision pulse power sensor, download the available datasheet.