Powder Blending And Encapsulation Services: Pharma and Nutraceutical Applications


Ropack Pharma Solutions recognizes the significance of manufacturing in generating pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products which meet the highest standards. With precision as our goal, we offer blending and encapsulation services in cGMP-compliant facilities utilizing gold-standard technology. 

A complete process validation in accordance with regulatory and cGMP guidelines is essential for the establishment of a reliable, high-quality commercial supply. You will be assigned a Project Manager and a Process Transfer Manager who will serve as your primary points of contact. You will also have a cross-functional team dedicated to assuring a professional experience towards a compliant and successful product.

We look forward to learning about your specific needs.

Ropack Pharma Solution’s ample, nimble capacity and validated processes bring quality and reliability to encapsulation:

  • Two Zanasi encapsulation machines @ 40K/hr
  • Total capacity: 305MM/yr.
  • Available capacity: 160MM/yr.
  • Eight-step encapsulation process
  • Capsule size range: 3 to 00
  • Low RH and temperature control for maximum product protection
  • Class 100000 production environment, inspected by FDA and Health Canada

Ropack also offers the blending of APIs and excipients to create a homogenous blend is a crucial component in the solid dose and powder dose pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Because blender speed and time are key factors in achieving a uniform mixture, Ropack utilizes gold-standard technology.

  • Powder bin blending 25L Bin: ~ 12.5 Kg to 2000L