Article | June 26, 2018

Positioning Yourself To Truly Optimize Costs, Complexity And Productivity In The Digital Mailroom

Source: OPEX Corporation
Puzzle Piece

Let’s once and for all, conquer paper mail.  Let’s organize and operationalize mail in the fewest steps possible, so we can focus on customers and making business processes more efficient. Let’s start with a set of tools that will help us solve both today’s and tomorrow’s changing needs. 

Many document capture solutions talk about how they can take complexity out of the Digital Mailroom.  They talk about how they reduce the time to prepare documents for electronic capture.

  • Can they digitally sort the target mail, open it and scan it from one device? 
  • Can they (in one step) open an envelope, drop it and the contents into a scanner, and have the contents be reliably and securely delivered to a target recipient?   
  • Do they provide a systematic approach to reducing waste, allow users to retain privacy while accelerating digital delivery of mail?

The OPEX Falcon STS and Mail Matrix Ecosystems are the only set of tools that provide the reliable marking, sorting and refinement of unopened mail necessary to completely conquer today’s digital mailroom challenges.  We call refinement the fast-learning process of retaining privacy.  It’s automated support of organization-driven decisions to weed out unwanted mail.  It’s a granular process needed for an orderly movement to a full digital system of delivery.