Pipeline Metal Detector for Food Manufacturing

Pipeline Metal Detector for Food Manufacturing

Metal detector for installation in pipeline systems, e.g. for free-fall applications, pneumatic conveyor lines, material columns that are slowly moving down, or pump feed lines. The metal detector is used for the inspection of bulk materials, fibers, or liquid/pasty products.  

  • Detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metals

Inspection of

  • Bulk materials
  • Liquid/pasty materials

Material flow

  • free-fall
  • pressure conveying
  • vacuum conveying
  • pump conveying
  • bulk material columns


■ Detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal
contaminations even if such contaminations
are embedded in the product
■ Reduces costs caused by mold / machine
damage and production losses
■ Guarantees product quality
■ Protects against complaints
■ Amortizes in a very short time 


• Minimum space required for installation due to extremely
reduced metal-free zone (RZ technology)
• Can be quickly installed in any position
• Stainless steel construction guarantees high mechanical
stability and thus interference resistance
• Improved interference immunity to electromagnetic
pollution and vibrations
• High scanning sensitivity for all metals
• Product compensation with auto-teach function or manual
setting. Product compensation can thus be individually
matched to the product (in conventional systems
this setting cannot be changed or can only be changed
with great difficulties).
• Preset operating parameters provide outstanding ease
of operation